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Papers/abstracts published
1.      Sudhir Pillai, Harita P.S, Snehal Kulkarni, Moorthy KS, KM Cherian. Pseudoaneurysm of Right Ventricular Outflow Tract : Case report. Ann Thorac Surg 2004;78: 1068-1070
2.      Sudhir Pillai, Ali Amour, Snehal Kulkarni, G.Devi, K.M Cherian. Persistent Truncus Arteriosus   Echocardiographic and surgical results. Indian Heart Journal 2002; 54:504
3.      SudhirPillai, R.Shivakumar, C.Shanti, Snehal Kulkarni, K.M.Cherian. Outcome of Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection Repair. Indian Heart Journal 2002;54:504
4.      Sudhir Pillai, PS Harita, Mullasari Ajit, Latchumana Dhas, Ulhas Pandurangi CV Umesan. Experience with Percutaneous Vascular Closure Devices. Indian Heart Journal 2002; 54:528
5.      R. Hemalatha , Ulhas Pandurangi,Renuka Naidu, V Laxmi, Pradeep N, Sudhir Pillai, Mullasari Ajit. Noninvasive Evaluation of Probable Responders to Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy. Indian Heart Journal 2002; 54;549
6.      A L Patel,S. Jairam, Anita B, Sudhir Pillai. Sturg Weber Syndrome – Documentation.              Journal of Physicians of India.1997;45:978 
7.      A L Patel, Sudhir Pillai. Common Variable Hypogammaglobulinemia – Journal of Association of Physicians of India – Maharashtra Chapter 1997; 51
8.      Shanti K, Sudhir Pillai, Snehal Kulkarni, KM Cherian. Diverticulum of Kummeral with absent Right pulmonary artery associated with Vascular Ring . Accepted for Publication ; Pediatric Cardiology
9.      Ramesh Parmar, Sudhir Pillai, Snehal Kulkarni, KM Cherian. Persistent Fifth Aortic Arch. with Truncus Arteriosus type A3. An unusual association. Case report . Paediatric Cardiology
25:432-433, 2004
10. Sudhir Pillai, Haritha PS, Lakshmi V, Mullasari S A, Kurian V M. Ostial Coronary Arteriopathy Secondary to Thoracic Irradiation. Journal of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. 2003;2:23-25
11. Haritha PS, Pandurangi U M, Venkitachalam L, Pillai S, Ravikumar, Mullasari S A. Myocardial Bridge with Coronary Arterio-Venous Fistula. Journal of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. 2003;2:26-28
12. Manjunath B V, Pillai S, Mullasari A S. Hyperhomocysteinemia with Huge Left Ventricular thrombus and embolization to left renal artery. Journal of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. 2003;2:29-30
13. Sudhir K Pillai, Renuka Murali, Sheeja Sajith, Ajit S Mullasari, VM Kurien, S Rajan, K M Cherian. Surgery for Acute dissection of the Aorta: Immediate Results and follow-up data. Indian Heart Journal 2003; 55 :418
14. Sudhir K Pillai, N Alagu Meenakshi, Ajit S Mullasari, K M Cherian. Fate of elderly patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Indian Heart Journal 2003; 55 : 460
15. Sudhir K Pillai, R Hemalatha, R Prasannalakshmi, Ajit S Mullasari. Percurtaneous Intervention in Aortoarteritis. Indian Heart Journal 2003; 55 :475
16. Ramkumar, L.Dhas, Ulhas P, Pradeep GN, Peter K J, Sudhir K Pillai, Nilesh M, Ajit S M, Haritha, N RadhaKrishnan. Percutaneous Coronary interventions in patients with severe Left Ventricular dysfunction. Indian Heart Journal 2003; 55 : 542
17. Sudhir K Pillai, R Hemalatha, Saibabu, Meena Rani, Ajit Mullasari. Assessment of Preoperative Pro-BNP levels in patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease with normal Left Ventricular function. Indian Heart Journal 2003; 55 : 578.
18. V Singh, S Pillai, S Kulkarni, K S Murthy, R Coelho, K M Cherian .Thrombolysis with balloon angioplasty of a blocked B T shunt. Indian Heart Journal 2004;Vol. 56,No 6 :673-676
Dissertations submitted :
Risk profile of young Indian patients of acute myocardial infarction. University of Bombay.1997
Interventions in Aortoarteritis , University Of Bombay. 2001